Managed LAN

The Cirrus Managed LAN service gives you peace of mind that your core network infrastructure is 100% efficient.

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Business benefits include:

  • reduced costs including traditional service fees, hardware and IT operations
  • a more stable and predictable IT budget, lowering capital and operational expenditure with significantly lower cost of ownership
  • increased productivity and reduced costs achieved through a single sourced solution deployed by one support partner responsible for all core infrastructures and services

The service includes:

  • network administration
  • enabling ports
  • IP address allocation
  • assigning and managing VLANs
  • routing updates and changes
  • OS upgrades
  • cabling moves, adds and changes
  • capacity management
  • adding and configuring a switch in an existing switch stack
  • adding a line card to a switch/router chassis
  • interface monitoring
  • port count
  • configuration and design best practice
  • standardised configurations
  • changes are tracked and managed
  • configuration backups
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