Cirrus Foresight: Remote Monitoring

Cirrus Foresight Remote Monitoring provides a 24x7x365 monitoring of your entire infrastructure, minimising downtime and addressing potential issues before they arise.

Using the Cirrus Network Management Platform, we can set up a range of automated alerts for predefined events, ensuring prompt action is taken whilst maintaining outstanding levels of performance. The Cirrus Foresight Remote Monitoring web portal is available 24x7x365 so you are always up-to-date on the current status of your infrastructure.
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Real business benefits include:

  • flexible and cost-effective service providing a real-time snapshot of your entire IT environment
  • issues are resolved before they impact the business
  • valuable IT resource freed up, which can be deployed on more strategic activities
  • performance is continuously monitored and alerts automatically generated for total peace of mind
  • complete view of ICT infrastructure with full reporting enabling better decision making

The Cirrus Foresight Network Management Platform raises automated alerts to address a broad range of events and issues such as:

  • actively polling devices on the network and alerting in real-time when a key piece of hardware is down
  • receiving SNMP traps and logging messages from network devices alerting on issues as they occur
  • monitoring threshold levels on critical interfaces and alerts when the limits are exceeded
  • continually monitoring the internal performance of the network hardware (CPU, memory etc)
  • monitoring the parameters essential to VoIP performance including jitter, latency and packet loss
  • automatic restart of failed applications and services
  • alerting key on-site personnel via email or SMS
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