Cirrus Data Centre

The Cirrus Data Centre uses the latest in virtualisation, storage, security and backup techniques, offering total flexibility around software packages with transparent pricing at a fixed cost per user per month.

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Business benefits include:

  • high availability of business critical systems
  • access to more services with fewer resources
  • reduced IT complexity, ensuring ease of management
  • growth enabled through the adoption of more agile technology solutions
  • reduced carbon footprint
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The Cirrus Data Centre offers hosting solutions that are tailored to suit your business including:

  • hosting your software and hardware infrastructure
  • a hybrid solution where infrastructure and applications maybe co-located both in the Cirrus Data Centre and on your site
  • a fully cloud-based solution where the entire infrastructure is managed and delivered from the Cirrus Data Centre using our shared platform and charged on a per user basis

The Cirrus Data Centre portfolio includes:

  • Data Centre Network Infrastructure: a high performance, managed network and server infrastructure from the industry’s leading manufacturers
  • Data Centre Virtualisation: virtualise and unify all areas of your data centre including server, network, storage and desktop
  • Infrastructure Storage Solutions: managing your data growth through high-performing, efficient storage solutions
  • Business Continuity Solutions: ensuring your business risk is managed effectively
The Cirrus Data Centre portfolio coupled with our Technology as a Service (TaaS) offering, ensures a managed and predictable IT spend whilst delivering outstanding service levels with minimal fuss.

Cirrus Events:

  • Redefining the data centre with MLR Networks
Join us on 10th September to learn how your data centre could grow, the challenges you will face and how you can build a data centre which will:
  • Reduce space required
  • Reduce the number of cables, switches and adaptors
  • Cut cooling costs
  • Reduce the complexity of set up, and ongoing management