Cloud & Hosting Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great to have applications and operating systems that just work?

We understand the challenges businesses face when trying to manage their desktop and server infrastructures; evolving hardware and software platforms means IT teams are busy installing, upgrading or patching systems, an endless cycle which is both time consuming and expensive.
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And now many businesses are increasingly faced with the challenges of the ‘bring your own device (BYOD) culture’; users want to use their own phones, tablets or laptops and expect them to work in the same way as their desktop PC.

At Cirrus, we have the solution.
By providing all your technology needs from the cloud we can reduce capital expenditure, increase system performance and agility and minimise business risk, allowing your IT staff to concentrate on key business functions.

We call this solution Technology as a Service (TaaS).
With TaaS, we build a centralised hardware and software infrastructure that is aligned with your business goals and meets the needs and demands of your users. Cirrus Fortress uses the latest in virtualisation, storage, security and backup techniques, offering total flexibility around software packages with transparent pricing at a fixed cost per user, per month.

By delivering technology services in this way, you can focus on your customers rather than operational issues related to the IT environment.
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