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How would your business cope if your IT systems were destroyed?

  • Hosted Disaster Recovery

When natural disasters are in the news, it’s a stark reminder to all of how quickly disaster can strike and disrupt everyday life.

Serious flooding, fire or theft can be devastating to many businesses, indeed a recent report from Gartner Group suggests that 43% of companies will fail immediately and another 51% within two years of a “major loss” of data leaving only a 6% survival rate.

Most companies rely on their IT infrastructure to run their business. How would your business cope if your premises were flooded, destroying your IT systems, your IT servers were stolen or hardware failure led to data corruption or loss? How long can you afford to be without your email, ERP or CRM systems?

Cirrus Fortress DR will get all your IT systems up and running, allowing your staff to carry on working whether they are in still on your premises, in temporary accommodation or working remotely from home.
  • Only 6% of companies will survive a major loss of data.
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Key features include:

  • Low subscription based model per server per month Only pay for addition license usage when the DR service is invoked
  • Supports VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Fee includes two failover tests per year
  • Differential replication, reducing bandwidth requirements and amount of data copy
  • Remote logon to servers – get key staff working from home immediately
  • Daily back up – potentially only lose one business day’s worth of data
  • Last 2 replicas that were stored in the Data Centre and can be used to quickly recover deleted files
  • Tried and tested technology

How does Hosted Disaster Recovery work?

  • Stage One:


Our experienced DR and security consultants will help you to survey your server estate and existing infrastructure. We usually recommend that a daily overnight replication of data will keep most companies adequately covered, giving a maximum Recovery Point Objective of 24 hours. However, we can replicate as many times during the day as required, dependant on your bandwidth. For instance, you may decide that your email server is critical so needs to be replicated multiple times per day.
  • Stage Two:

Initial replica

We will take an initial on premise copy and transfer to one of our data centres and begin the replication process. All future data is transmitted over an encrypted link and stored securely in the data centre. A test failover of all servers will confirm their functionality and accessibility.
  • Stage Three:

Scheduled replication

Scheduled replication will automatically run in the background as preconfigured, this is constantly monitored by Cirrus Foresight - Our Enterprise Class monitoring platform.

What if the worst happens?

  • Recovery:
Should the worst happen, we will invoke the predefined DR process and your systems will be up and running within minutes. Users can access application using a secure browser and continue working normally from any location.
Cirrus Fortress
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